Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This was my night...

Here is the kitchen bulkhead gone and our ikea shelf up

I have been cleaning, decorating, staining since 5pm... I am done. good night :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not thinking

You know who isn't thinking? The grocery stores.
Brandon and I went to the store last night on our way home from the Christmas concert at church, which went well! We thought since we are there picking up little things we will pick up the food needed for our Saturday Christmas Dinner. Corn, Potatoes, Stuffing... that was easy. then came the Turkey. I have never purchased a turkey or cooked one. I want one that will feed everyone, is prestuffed-, easy to cook, maybe seasoned? Well we found one by Lily dale (whenever I say lily dale, I always have to say it like the guy on tv) The question is the price per lb? Well they say $0.89 per lb but the turkey's are weighed in kg not lbs.. does that make sense? not to me. We picked them up and guessed. We calculated it on the Internet when we got home, we bought a 16 lb turkey for 7 people. You think that's enough? ha I do. Brandon thought it was going to be too small according to the kg weight.

We are crazy busy this week with: Christmas concert (done), company Christmas dinner, shopping, family christmas', preparing food for my family Christmas Saturday, church... All in one week? you ask. Yes in the next 5 days we are doing all that.

Bran & I decided not to do gifts this year, we are just going to do stockings. Any small gift ideas you think he will like? He is hard to buy for because all he wants is nothing or things that cost a fortune.

I always want to squeeze somewhere between the craziness, time to watch "Miracle on 34th street" Its my favorite Christmas movie. Grandma and I would watch it every year while we would decorate the tree.

Anyways I sound like blah blah blah at this point...


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This is at 4am, Ryder woke me up to go outside. This was our first snow fall and there is a lot of it!

I was sitting on the couch last night pondering on what to write to whomever is listening. I couldnt think of anything. I started writing about how on the weekend we did alot around the house. Its the same old stuff though, I think you are bored of it. We were painting because the painting never ends.

While doing a million things at once on Saturday I finally voiced my concern on a bulkhead in our kitchen. When we renovated the kitchen I didn't want cabinets on that side because we have two huge windows that I didn't want to close in. Well the bulkhead was left there where the old cupboards were and it didn't look right.

 Someone (Brandon) didn't notice it and didn't think it looked bad. I reassured him it looks horrible with the new layout and it will make a huge difference in the end. Being the person he is, he couldn't imagine the outcome but he believed in my vision and started knocking it down. He got the right side down and onto the left... EW gross I ran out of the kitchen and Brandon said "I don't want to do this anymore, I'm scared" haha there was a nest of many things, mainly 50-100 eaten pine cones. If you know what animal likes their home made of pine cones, please don't tell us, we don't want to know what was up there. We both assume this was before the roof was done because animals could get in before. *shivers*

This story is long but look at the transformation!
Did you notice I took the curtains off the window?

Tonight we painted the family room -much better then the pink :)

While the first coat was drying on that, we made a long shelf to display pictures on. It will be hung in the family room when its all back in order after painting. Our $6 home-made shelf beats a $100 shelf any day :)

We also had a surprise party for Paul on Friday night...
He had no idea. Good job Kry!

Presents are slowing accumulating under our tree :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas tree... this is our Christmas tree!

Mr. Ryder turned one years old on thurday!

My family gets together before Christmas to have dinner and watch a movie. We got together this weekend and we opted not to see a movie but go to the Blue Moutain Village.

It was beautiful and cold. I took more then a few pictures and Brandon waited patiently...

We went through the little shops and enjoyed the day there and then went back to Aunt Lisa's for dinner with a fire :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

and it's begun...

christmas wreaths, christmas lights, santa, reindeers on your lawn, trees decorated by the family... and the list goes on. I love ever single bit of it. I love the holiday for many reason, celebration of God's birth, his love is the reason we are alive today, families everywhere getting together, food, decorations. Everyone at this time just seems happier!

I wanted to post today about decorations. I am almost done decorating our house but cant show you yet! I wanted to ask all of you out there though. Do you have a colour theme? Colour(s) that you decorate with. It seems the 3 years I ahev been in this house I have done different colours every year.
First year was blue.
Second Year was all colours and ornaments.
Third year is a secret still. I will tell you soon, promise.

So what colours are you doing...






So which colour theme do you do?
Are there family traditions of decorating you carry on?

Let me know!